Boot Camp

Group fitness is the root of my beginnings.  I LOVE the energy that comes from a group of people working together towards one goal.  Welcome to boot camp! All fitness levels are welcome.  With my experience, I am confident almost ALL exercises can be modified for each individual.  Form is critical to protect the body from injury but also to maximize the muscles being worked.  Your putting in the time so do it right to get the best results.  This is your chance to work with me in a group setting.  I will NOT allow you to leave with poor form and function. These are tools that will propel you to success in exercise on your own.  It is a great experience for all!  We focus on full body strength, functional based movements that really get the heart pumping and muscles working.  As a bonus? CORE IS ALWAYS TARGETED! These are currently held indoors at a church in Lowell but we move outside with warmer weather.  Contact me for more information, I would love to meet you.

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