About Me


I have always had a competitive edge. Something inside of me that wanted to do better, see change and improve. It may have started in the early years when my younger sister, a natural athlete, always seemed to be better than me at sports. This was a good thing! It motivated me to practice. Eventually I went from little league to varsity sports in high school, and I began to slowly create an identity…

So what happens when what you’ve created that identity in, fades?  I wasn’t playing sports in college and began searching for something new. Typical college life was fun, but short lived. I wanted something more.  A Health and Fitness major at Central Michigan University, I began personal training and teaching group fitness classes as a freshman in 2001. I found this to be incredibly fulfilling.  Truly I knew my path at that point. I have always wanted to inspire others. Graduating in 2004 with a minor in Dietetics and experience under my belt, I hit the group running.


Then in 2008 I gave birth to my first son Elijah, and my world changed drastically.  I suddenly realized what other clients meant when they didn’t have the “time” or “energy” to work out. WOW they were not exaggerating.  I gained a much greater appreciation for my body and the work it did on a daily basis.  Both physically and emotionally!  Over time I became much less critical of myself and just thankful for a shower or the chance to brush my teeth.  6 months later, I became pregnant with my second son.  Talk about a shock!  Although this was just the beginning, our birth story was certainly one to remember.  Emery was born with Down syndrome and came earlier than expected. We spend over 2 weeks in the NICU and were quickly educated on what our future might look like.  Therapies, specialists, countless doctor appointments and even 2 open heart surgeries.  Suddenly my workouts become less of a priority.  But the longer I went without my endorphin rush, the more stressed and anxious I became. On many days it was like my head was a tangled mess of wires, with no clear thoughts.  Yet after a workout, everything seemed more focused. I realized that amongst all the chaos, when I could invest in myself even just a little, I was able to invest more in my kids.  This became my lifeline over the next few years! The mentality that if I didn’t run 5+ miles it wasn’t “good enough” quickly faded.  Just having an able body that MOVED, when my sweet son worked so hard to eat or walk, became very motivating.  Looking back, this is where my true journey began.  As a mom, getting in a 20 minutes sweat session renewed my energy and increased productivity during the day.  If I could somehow manage more, then it was just icing on the cake.  Progress NOT Perfection.




Emery is now in kindergarten and doing fantastic. God is so faithful! He is also the big brother to Easton and Ezra.  Yes, lots of spider man loving, ninja fighting, Lego throwing (sometimes building) boys at my house.  It is crazy and joyous all at once. My hard working husband, Andy, does more than his share of the household duties so I can pursue my passion in fitness.  This will not go as a wasted opportunity.  I am on a mission to reveal just how strong and capable you are!!  Whether that be a person with a “disability” or a frazzled mom trying to keep her head above water, YOU ARE STRONGER THEN YOU THINK.  You are beautifully and wonderfully made.  You can change your life.  You will finally “cross the finish line” and reach a goal.  I am here to coach you along the way.  You will NOT fail. Because this is not a black and white process, but a lifestyle of healthy, balanced living.  This is a new beginning and I get butterflies just thinking about the person you will become!


In Health and Blessings-

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