Client Testimonial’s

Client Testimonial’s

adam_testimonialAdam started in Tabitha's Shape up Class a few years ago and hasn't stopped since.  He has certainly become much more fit and aware of nutrition and eating right.  Whatever Tabitha suggests he does it.  She has given Adam the tools to live a healthier lifestyle and he is really in great shape because of this.  Adam loves the Shape Up Class and won't miss it for anything.  With Tabitha's influence he also makes many healthy choices at home too both in his food choices and exercising at home, running, taking walks and doing yoga.  Two years ago when Tabitha started the Rapid Runners, Adam was right there to sigh up. He trained each week in the summer and followed Tabitha's schedule to run at home.  With the help of his nephews and a great volunteer, Mike, Adam accomplished his goal in his second year of running 2.5 miles and beating his record of the year before.  He came in 2nd of all runners in his age group and has a shiny new metal to prove it. Adam loves this part of his life and how great it is to be so healthy. Truly this is a tribute to his Fitness Trainer Tabitha, and to the Down Syndrome Organization for seeing the potential in our kids and giving them opportunities by offering these classes.  We as Adam's parents are so proud of these accomplishments
megan_testimonialI wanted to thank you!!! I am having such an awesome experience with this challenge. I just weighed my self this morning and I have not seen these numbers since high school. Ryan and I just booked our plane tickets to Florida. We are very excited! I am even more excited to show off my new body that is currently being sculpted! 🙂 I have so much happiness in my life right now and I can attribute a lot of that to my weight loss journey! I am excited for what is to come! Your program is really the only thing that has worked for me, since I have been trying to lose weight for 5 years! Wow! I wanted to tell you how grateful I truly am!
God bless you! Meg
bradley_testimonI'm sure Bradley was at least 25 lbs lighter at this years Harvest Run 10/2015 than last years 10/2014.
When asked what Bradley enjoys most about Shape Up, he says, "The music and dancing."  He is happy to hear the Shape Up songs when they play on the car radio! Thanks so much for offering such a great class.
Barb and Jeff, Bradley's parent


Sometimes you just need a push start.. 

I have one of those notoriously busy American lifestyles, with little 'free' time and very little focus on my me/my health. I would white lie to the doctor in yearly physicals and affirm I ate well (which I did not,) exercised (which I also didn't do,) and took care of my emotional health (which I only sometimes did.) Last fall I reached a pivotal place with my physical and mental health; my ultra-busy, go-go-go lifestyle was catching up with me, my anxiety and depression were spiraling out of control and I had spent most of the year feeling physically ill for a medically unknown reason. I knew I needed help, but I didn't even know what kind of help I needed! It was overwhelming and borderline paralyzing, as I had no idea where to begin to promote positive changes for myself.


This last October, I had already resigned that 2015 would be a wash. Nothing good was happening, I felt like crap every day and everything in life felt too stressful to handle. Adulting is hard; no one prepares you for the guilt of knowing you should care more about yourself but having zero time to commit to anything outside of work and family. I was so desperate for change but honestly didn't have the capacity to believe I could find a physically/emotionally balanced workout to do in the few minutes I had each day.

Enter Tabitha and her virtual 8 Week At-Home Challenge. A couple fb friends signed up for the challenge so I fb stalked the challenge's info page, as I have always loved Tabitha's radiant, positive energy but was only mildly curious about the exercise part. Tab's energy and positive motivation was all it took for me to sign up. She seemed absolutely certain she could help *anyone become healthier, and I really adored that she spoke with such optimism and faith in people's abilities. It truly made me feel like I had a chance at success. (Although our challenge started just before Halloween and I couldn't fathom a Halloween without candy, had I made the wrong decision?)

Joining Tab's virtual challenge was the BEST decision I've made for myself in years. It offered all the things I thought I'd need for success: a sample menu for clean eating, weekly exercise schedule, and personal tips and videos from a fitness expert. I actually found I needed the support group and accountability partner more than anything. Sharing in their stresses about fitting in workouts or how to eat 'healthy' fast food on busy days helped to motivate me, my perspective truly shifted and I adopted the cheesy mantra that you don't slash the other three tires just because you get a flat.

Now, real life kicked in and I eventually ran into a time/scheduling issue. Tab helped personalize my workouts so I could still fit in strength and cardio on days very short on time. Tabitha is seriously committed to your success and will move mountains to help you find what works for you. It felt amazing to get that kind of individualized treatment in a huge virtual group!

There's barely words that can describe the positive impact of commiting 8 weeks to a goal. In 8 weeks, two short months, I have gained muscle and confidence, and lost fat and the bad attitude. I have developed healthier eating and exericse patterns. I have gained the insight that I am capable of far more than I think I am. And I have developed new, crazy goals, like running the River Bank Run next May, because with a virtual push start, Tab helped me realize my potential. Give her a chance to unlock your greatness!!

In only 8 weeks I'm down 20 lbs and 26 inches! Crystal


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